Abdelali EDDARI

This year, I graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Being a Foundation scholar helped me achieve my dreams. Thanks to the FME contribution, I went twice for an internship in Poland.

Through hard work and relentless efforts, I was the first Moroccan candidate to be approved as a member of the AIESEC. The Foundation has its fair share in this achievement as it took charge of the flight ticket and the program expenses.

Doing an internship abroad was both challenging and demanding. However, it was a rewarding and open-minding experience, as I found about other people’s cultures, and about myself.

Moreover, it helped me to upgrade my personal skills, and to make new friends. Thus, it was self-confidence building, and socially enriching.

I would like to thank all of the employees of the “Fondation Marocaine de l’Etudiant” for their encouragement, advices, and support. Without them standing by my side, it would have come to nothing.